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DuoVid -2 videos,play,magisto

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WATCH + PLAY + COMPARE + FIND + LEARN + REVIEW + COMPOSE + OBSERVE Use DuoVid to play 2 short videos simultaneously next to each other from either your phone or tablet video library, YouTube or enter your own URL. Use DuoVid to learn new tricks, learn a new recipe, learn a new instrument, compose a song and so much more…… The list is endless as to how DuoVid can help you!
Perfect for watching videos side by side, in the studio, on the football pitch, in the kitchen and more. Compare videos to improve your skills, identify what is stopping your progress, and play 2 family videos at once to enhance enjoyment or play your composed drum beat along with your guitar riff to see how it sounds. DuoVid is an App that you never thought you needed but once used, will make you realise that the sky is the limit with learning, creating and viewing by having the ability to watch 2 videos at once.
Play videos from your own video library, search on YouTube or even enter your very own URL!
Add 2 videos then go back and change one whilst the other saves (until you go back to the Home screen or close the App). Play, Pause and Stop the videos together or individually and share via SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook.
• Play 2 short videos at once• Play 1 short video at a time• Play, Pause and Stop videos together or individually• Search and Play a video from your local library• Search and Play a video from YouTube• Enter your own URL (up to 1Mbps bitrate)
• Improving your technique• Comparing your skills/moves• Learning a new skill (i.e. language, sport……)• Collaborating with others, such as musicians worldwide to compose that number one hit• Recording/ sending instructions to be viewed by yourself or others• Observing your security cameras whilst outside of the office/warehouse/shop etc.
• Save, name and organise your videos into Projects• Share your Projects or individual videos with others• Full screen feature for better visibility across one video• And many more………..
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